Tether Workout 1

Weekend Swim Workout: Build to Fast Backyard Tether

Hop in the backyard pool (or bake your neighbor some cookies and use theirs) and try this swim tether workout from coach Sara McLarty.

You can do most drills and technique work while hooked to the tether, just like in a regular pool. See the workout details and then watch coach Sara demonstrate the entire workout in the video from Swim Like a Pro below.

Build to Fast Backyard Tether Workout

Only count one arm to correctly count each complete “stroke cycle”

Equipment (All Optional)

Kickboard Pull Buoy
Catch-Up Stick

Warm-Up (Snorkel Optional)

3-5 minutes: 20 strokes freestyle, 20 kicks in streamline position

Drill Set (Snorkel Optional):

10 strokes catch-up drill
20 strokes build
10 strokes single arm drill (each arm)
20 strokes build
rest 30 sec and repeat

Main Set #1 (pull equipment optional):

3-6 x 60 strokes strong, 40 strokes easy effort, rest 30 sec and repeat

Main Set #2 (repeat 2-5 times):

10 strokes tarzan drill (aka waterpolo drill)
40 strokes build to fast
10 strokes doggy paddle (aka underwater recovery)
40 strokes build to fast
Rest 30 sec and repeat


3 min easy swim, mix up strokes
2 min frog on the lily pad


Originally posted to Triathlete.com